Equipment and Machinery

Equipment and Machineries available in our workshops:

Takapoo is fully equipped to handle any work regardless of size or scope of operation. Most of our units and systems are among the following list:

  • Two 25-ton cranes
  • Two 15-ton cranes
  • One 5-ton crane
  • Two lift-trucks
  • One guillotine
  • Two tower cranes
  • Four welding apparatus
  • One “CO2” welding machine
  • Five plasma cutters
  • One automatic cutter
  • Two air compressors
  • One paint container
  • Three airless units
  • Two sand-blasting containers
  • Fifteen rectifiers
  • Twenty five trans-welding units
  • Thirty five air capsules
  • Fifteen chain-cranes
  • Four cameras
  • Twenty computer systems
  • Twenty electric grinders
  • Two navigating units
  • Two navigating tractors
  • Four container trucks
  • Three industrial drills with legs
  • Five pick-up trucks
  • Two electric generators

Takapoo’s highly experienced executives, expert engineers/planners/designers along with informed marketing staff and hard-working manpower would make sure that our working procedures always stay ahead the standard levels of the industry.